Monday, 27 October 2008


Lately, while reading Matthew's blog and related blogs I have found myself weeping. It is rather inexplicable. . . There is such an utter transparency I see there than causes me to cry. I see such a child-likeness that is simplicity and beauty. I feel myself propelled toward the heart of God which beckons me come and abandon all. Which gentle voice tells me that it the place I long to be.

Friday, 17 October 2008

I take the blame

It is the most wonderful freeing thing to know that when you've just done something stupid, be it large or small, that Jesus takes the blame for it all! All our imperfections gone! Taken by Jesus Himself! I want to upload the song 'Blame' by LSU. . . I am going to have to figure out how to upload music to blogger. I've never tried to do anything more technical than upload pics, so. . . But the song is so wonderful to listen to and actually believe!

Jesus always whispering to our hearts.'I take the blame'

What joy, what peace, what fellowship!

Some great songs. . .

Here are some lyrics from a band called LSU. It is from their album Grace Shaker.
Brilliant Lyrics:

striving for the answer
in fighting for the streets of gold
hope you're not forgotten
you wonder if you've killed your soul
i've heard the words of judgment
but not from the one i know

it falls down on me
it falls down on you
grace falls free
the proud feel the need to work the loom
yet grace falls free

holding up to heaven
the winnings of your plow
look into the poor man
show him what he must do now
you've got all the answers
but he's got a book that shows him how

it falls down on me...

think about the river
how it always flows
they're still digging in the desert
but that's not where this river goes
it's filled with all the living
and quenches every wantin' soul

it falls down on me...


[I so hear Jesus saying this to us!]

I 'll pick you up when you go down
I'll fight your battle everytime
I'll ride with you to bring you round
Though the doubts form in your mind

Oh I take the blame

So if your mind hurts from this sound
You can't see beyond this wall
Forget that heavy load right now
I'll be the one to take the fall

I take the blame
I take the blame
I take the blame
I take the blame

Right now

I'll show you heaven in this town
You'll have to love more than you know
When it all starts to fall down
Just trust in me and I will show you how

I'll take the blame