Monday, 23 November 2009


Today, my 7 year old girl came to me after we'd put her to bed with tears in her eyes. She told me how sorry she was for saying mean things that she did whenever she got angry. As this came out of left field, I asked her why she was so sad and why she wanted to apologize tonight. She said I just was thinking about it and thought about 'how I must hurt your feelings when I am so crabby and mean.'

Of course I told her I never held it against her and that I understand how it feels to be angry and upset. . . But the amazing thing to me is that this girl can lash quite easily with her tongue. She just says what she thinks, which has been awkward at times. Quite a few times. . . She has been forthright and just plain umm not so kind. Then out of the blue, this girl comes to me with such grief cause she had a revelation that when she gets angry and says mean things to people around her that it actually hurts them. And it hurt her that it hurt them.

It made me teary eyed seeing such beautiful transparency from my little girl who had such a big revelation of the other person. She came to apologize because she saw the effects her word can have on others. She saw clearly and wanted to make it right. I wasn't angry at her or holding anything against her. She just had to do it cause she SAW. No obligation, just revelation. Such a softness manifested! So wonderful to see!

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Trees and Laws

So, I picked up a book I'd not read in quite a time. Title: There were Two Trees in the Garden - Rick Joyner (I believe one of his first books from a long long time ago).

It was like I had never read it before.

The cool thing was that is was the early morning of my 35th birthday and it was so reveletory power packed that I knew it was my birthday gift from Fader God. Can't outdo His gifts! Even an ipod touch and bike trainer can't outdo his gifts :)

So, a few sentences in I read how The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Law have the same ministry. Think about that a sec. It's a doozy! Satan tempted Eve, 'You will be like God, knowing both good and evil.' They ate, their eyes were opened, and they saw themselves - naked. Hmm. And the law does what? Reveals things as they are. The law makes you look at yourself. Before they ate of that fruit looking at themselves was a non issue.

So the seed of death and condemnation was planted via Adam and Eve partaking of that fruit. That FRUIT spread it's seed through mans seed. God sends his seed via Jesus. The seed of the tree of life that man no longer had the privelege to eat of - cast out of the garden, tree guarded by some groovy angels. So Holy Spirit seed impregnates virgin. This girl birthes Jesus into the world BORN OF A DIFFERENT SEED. Did you hear that? Jesus was born of the Spirit. First born of many. That seed had to die in order for the seed to spread. We are partakers of His divine nature. We have been born again. Born of the Spirit of God. New creations in an old body. Isn't that so absolutely amazing??!!

So, the old seed's power is cancelled out. We are no longer subject to the ill effects of fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We no longer have to be SELF concious- we are no longer naked ,cause Jesus is our clothing. So, we are hidden in Jesus. No longer hiding under leaves, or sacrificing animals for our covering. We are back in the garden again. We have been transferred from the Kingdom of Darkness into the Kingdom of Light. Pheeenomenalll. This my dear friends is fact. We are what we are and what we are is totally perfect new clean pure holy creations. Of Holy Spirit seed. This is what you are if you accept Jesus's covering, His Life, His Power. . . Much of 'christendom' still operates as though we were still of the Kingdom of darkness. Still subject to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And much that appears good to the undiscerning eye, is actually empowered by Self rather than God, powered by Law, by the tree of knowing good and evil. 'I will ascend the heights' I will I will. Stop man. It is taken care of. If you don't receive the FINISHED work of Jesus you are essentially are saying that you are better than God. You are putting yourself above God. Who are you? Either receive the finished work or go try to accomplish in your own strength what has already been accomlished. What arrogance for us to even contemplate taking the place of God. Sheer lunacy really. Why take the place of God (pride) when He has already taken our place (humility). Insanity and arrogance go hand in hand.

Why even attempt the impossible when the impossible has already been done for us?!!