Monday, 23 November 2009


Today, my 7 year old girl came to me after we'd put her to bed with tears in her eyes. She told me how sorry she was for saying mean things that she did whenever she got angry. As this came out of left field, I asked her why she was so sad and why she wanted to apologize tonight. She said I just was thinking about it and thought about 'how I must hurt your feelings when I am so crabby and mean.'

Of course I told her I never held it against her and that I understand how it feels to be angry and upset. . . But the amazing thing to me is that this girl can lash quite easily with her tongue. She just says what she thinks, which has been awkward at times. Quite a few times. . . She has been forthright and just plain umm not so kind. Then out of the blue, this girl comes to me with such grief cause she had a revelation that when she gets angry and says mean things to people around her that it actually hurts them. And it hurt her that it hurt them.

It made me teary eyed seeing such beautiful transparency from my little girl who had such a big revelation of the other person. She came to apologize because she saw the effects her word can have on others. She saw clearly and wanted to make it right. I wasn't angry at her or holding anything against her. She just had to do it cause she SAW. No obligation, just revelation. Such a softness manifested! So wonderful to see!


  1. Wow, sounds like she looked through her Jesus eyes and felt with His heart, like who she is peeked out through her seven year old flesh. She's learning to trust the life in her! AWESOME!

  2. Love it! Genuine heart coming Jamie said :D

  3. Totally! That is so exciting to me. It really reinforces the reality that He is the parent of parents and the teachers of teachers and it is He who leads into all truth. I can point, but He does the leading! What a relief yet again!

    I love you guys!