Monday, 30 March 2009


I just had to write something even though I am wiped out at the mo. But that last post was a whole buncha frustration and I needed to leave something more positive on the blog you see. . . I am in Victoria, BC - my place of birth and where most of my family lives. I dragged my 3 little chickens (aka children) and our beagle on a couple connecting flights from Regina to Vic. A little tiring, but went well! So, I am in Vic and our first day here was so nice that the kids played outside all day, brushing the mini horses and playing with the dogs and their grampa, with 2 ducks following them all the while. It is so nice to see the green! What a nice break! D stayed home for the week to enjoy a time totally to himself. What priveleged people we are. The older I get the more I am amazed by the intricacy of creation! And Victoria is such a beautiful place and for most of my life I took it for granted. Quite like how I took my Father for granted and as I grow up and see how beautiful He really is. I am enjoying Him so much more.

Went to visit my sister who lives on a small 'farm' that boards horses. Saw this HUGE old lonely horse who let me cuddle with him. Like, what is that? This mammoth creature that craves the affection of people?!!

Oh the Heart of God. Too incredibly amazing for words!!!

Good night!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

You know, I also wonder why it (life here on this planet) is so confusing, so convoluted that it is hard to know what I am to believe sometimes. That is my biggest frustration really. And the only thing that quells that particular frustration is if I refuse to think about it and I just worship Him. I would really like a clear cut answer to things, such as why some people get healed and why some don't. And whether I should ask Him for something or not. Sometimes I feel so spiritually clueless, so out of touch with His Spirit and I wonder why it has to be like this whilst I journey this strange land. Does it have to be that way?!!

Sometimes I feel so disorganized and out of control (which would be fine if it didn't seem to have such an adverse affect on the kids - such as me losing my temper with them etc). There are times when His presence is so obvious and there are times when His presence is so not. . . Why can't I float through this life so clear and in His presence and understanding and oh. . . Would that sort of sight cause me to lose sight of my need for Him? What happens when my corruption is swallowed up in incorruption? Why can't that happen now? Do I sound like a whining child. . . Ha ha Just questions that pop up late at night. I figured I would throw these musings out for people to help knock me back into alignment (in my thinking). I guess I just want clarity. I want to have His perspective on everything. I want to have clear and constant comunication. I don't want to be guessing so often. i just want to fly with Him and stay in the place of hindrance free communication. Why does it have to be so blooming difficult sometimes?!! Why am I not always yielded to Him?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

A blog from David Wilkerson

I am posting a recent blog from David Wilkerson. I do not see eye to eye with him on everything, but I really appreciated this blog and I thought you guys might too.


“And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided” (Exodus 14:21).

Before the Israelites was a path that would lead them to safety. In this crucial moment, God wanted his people to look at those walls and believe he would hold back the water until they arrived safely on the other side. Simply put, God wanted his people to have a faith that declared, “He who began this miracle for us will finish it. He has already proven to us he’s faithful.

“As we look back, we see that all our fears were wasted. We shouldn’t have been afraid when we saw the Egyptians coming. God put up a supernatural wall of darkness to protect us from them, and we shouldn’t have feared their threats through the night. The whole time, God provided us with an illuminating light, while our enemies were blinded by darkness. We also wasted our fears on those fierce winds, when all that time God was using them to make our way of escape.

“We see now that God desires only to do good to us. We’ve seen his power and glory on our behalf. And now we are determined to no longer live in fear. It doesn’t matter to us if those walls of water collapse. Live or die, we are the Lord’s.”

There was a reason God wanted this kind of faith for Israel at this point. They were about to face a journey through the wilderness. They would endure deprivation, danger and suffering. So He said, “I want my people to know I’ll do them only good. I don’t want them to be afraid they’re going to die every time they face danger. I want a people who aren’t afraid of death, because they know I am trustworthy in all things.”

A true worshipper isn’t someone who dances after the victory is won. It isn’t the person who sings God’s praises once the enemy has been vanquished. That’s what the Israelites did. When God parted the Red Sea and they arrived on the other side, they sang and danced, praised God and extolled his greatness. Yet, three days later, these same people murmured bitterly against God, at Marah. These weren’t worshippers—they were shallow shouters!

A true worshipper is one who has learned to trust God in the storm. This person’s worship isn’t just in his words, but in his way of life. His world is at rest at all times, because his trust in God’s faithfulness is unshakable. He isn’t afraid of the future, because he’s no longer afraid to die.

Gwen and I saw this kind of unshakable faith in our twelve-year-old granddaughter Tiffany. Sitting at her bedside in her final days, we beheld in her a peace that surpassed all our understanding. She told me, “Grandpa, I want to go home. I’ve seen Jesus, and he told me he wants me to be there. I just don’t want to be here anymore.” Tiffany had lost all fear of death and deprivation.

That is the rest God wants for his people. It’s a confidence that says like Paul, and like Tiffany, “Live or die, I am the Lord’s.” This is what makes a true worshipper.

I pray that all who read this message can say in the midst of their storm: “Yes, the economy may collapse. Yes, I may still be facing a dark, stormy night. But God has proven himself faithful to me. No matter what comes, I will rest in his love for me.”"

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Er, that question in the blog below wasn't a rhetorical question. . . Ha ha. I genuinely want to know what people think about that question. Will you tell me what you think?

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Why is it so difficult to believe the Truth sometimes?????????

Becca needs

So, thanks Jamie. . . I decided to go with Becca as it is less common than Rebecca or Becky. Here goes:

Becca needs

1) some mom time (what is mom time?)

2) a boyfriend (no sirree, I sure do not!)

3) to learn to move on (I do?)

4) Needs Your Help! (sure, why not)

5) needs a loving home (wow)

6) needs some CCS support (if anyone knows where I can get some. . .)

7) needs to find the sum of 34 108 and 46 (it's been plaguing me for yearsssssss)

8) needs roomates (I'm game)

9) us to fight for her now (by all means. . .)

10) needs some pills..........DIET pills! (hey - no fair!)