Monday, 30 March 2009


I just had to write something even though I am wiped out at the mo. But that last post was a whole buncha frustration and I needed to leave something more positive on the blog you see. . . I am in Victoria, BC - my place of birth and where most of my family lives. I dragged my 3 little chickens (aka children) and our beagle on a couple connecting flights from Regina to Vic. A little tiring, but went well! So, I am in Vic and our first day here was so nice that the kids played outside all day, brushing the mini horses and playing with the dogs and their grampa, with 2 ducks following them all the while. It is so nice to see the green! What a nice break! D stayed home for the week to enjoy a time totally to himself. What priveleged people we are. The older I get the more I am amazed by the intricacy of creation! And Victoria is such a beautiful place and for most of my life I took it for granted. Quite like how I took my Father for granted and as I grow up and see how beautiful He really is. I am enjoying Him so much more.

Went to visit my sister who lives on a small 'farm' that boards horses. Saw this HUGE old lonely horse who let me cuddle with him. Like, what is that? This mammoth creature that craves the affection of people?!!

Oh the Heart of God. Too incredibly amazing for words!!!

Good night!

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