Friday, 10 April 2009

I just love the layers of green and haze in this pic I took from my parents place. so beautiful I just had to share it with anyone who comes this way. I have been very tired lately, with all the travel and usual winter to spring colds and flu's that have been around. My body's immune system has been lacking also - leading to mrsa sort of things and mysterious other things. . . However, I am grateful that I and the rest of my fam have been able to heal at home. I have asked Him to heal and thus far there has been no need to visit a dr. So, I am grateful.

But that explains my lack of presence on the blogosphere. . .

In the midst of the business and tiredness there have been some neat tidbits that I would love to have the time and energy to share very soon one day. But for tonight I must bid you good night. . .


  1. Great pic! Hope you feel better...

  2. Thanks! Doing okay. Not perfect, but okay. . . It could be way worse!