Friday, 10 April 2009


So guys, I had the most unique dream last night (or rather this morning). My dreams are always somewhat convoluted, so I shan't (and can't) go into too much depth, but there were some unique bits that really stood out to me. I was with a friend who was of like mind (yet I have no idea who she is). I was in a town of a friend of D and I who used to be a pastor there who has now stepped back and is presently going through major 'religion' detox. I decided to go to his 'gathering' though I knew he was no longer part of it at this time. I thought it might be interesting to go. My friend came with me. However, in this large group setting I started to hear things being spoken out that were contrary to what Jesus has done. One thing in particular was some one 'prophesying' that people had to be ready for the judgement of God. I knew that I had to leave, cause if I didn't I would cause some problems. So, my friend and I left only to be greeted at the exit by three fraternity guys all wearing the same clothes. They were not in agreement with me and they were goading me into argument with them. However, somehow two of them stopped and left and the one left was not so admadantly opposed to what we believed. We were treading carefully with him and then it turned out that we were invited to have a meal with him when we were free (as we already had meal plans that day). And he was even ok with us bringing lamb to eat. That seemed to be some sort of victory. . . So, we leave and are in some other place foreign to me where my friend had this large cut of lamb that she was going to grill. And I wouldn't touch it and made her do all the cooking as I do not like lamb at all and I didn't want to have to touch it or smell it. And the interesting thing was that she cooked it over a bbq grill sort of thing. Not in the oven. That was essentially the end of the dream.

The thing that really stood out to me was this lamb that was being cooked. And the way it was being cooked. I genuinely do not like the taste of lamb. So, I never think about cooking or eating it. I know this is the time of passover where the Jews would eat lamb and the time of Easter where many 'gentiles' eat ham. I could write a rhyming poem. . . But I am not big into the easter thing as I find it too difficult to find a happy medium between chocolate bunnies and Jesus' resurrection. . . So, it really is an odd thing that I would dream about lamb!

So, there you have it. If any of you have some sort of insight into this dream, beyond the obvious, then feel free to share. . .

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