Thursday, 5 March 2009


Why is it so difficult to believe the Truth sometimes?????????


  1. As was perhaps the case with Adam and Eve, sometimes the lie that keeps us in bondage actually looks very appealing to the flesh, and the truth that sets us free looks too good to be true.

  2. Argh, that blasted flesh. . . Thanks for your input Joel. I really needed input cause my brain blanched at having to find an answer. And I love to think about what others have to say! It helps me think clearer!

  3. Because it means the loss of control. We erroneously believe we are in control when in actuality we are NEVER in control; we are either yielded to God or our flesh. I wonder who the originator of that LIE was?

  4. I started to reply to your comment Jamie, but then it turned out so lengthy that I posted it as a er post. . .

    It is a blog where I am complaining about the battle. Sometimes I just have to complain. Gee, I don't like the sound of that, but really, I am not pining to go "back to Egypt" so to speak. . .

    Ah, I have nothing to hide. My identity thankfully does not rest on my lack of complaints. It is good for me to be honest and vulnerable, cause it proves the moments where everything is so clear and I am writing from the clarity. . .

  5. I'm late. I know.

    But I believe the Truth is absurd. Grace is a scandal and you have to be out of your mind (your rational mind at least) to believe the Gospel.

    The word of the Cross is foolishness! That's why the question is asked in the Scriptures, "Lord, who has believed what he heard from us?"

    Who was crazy enough to actually believe what God said?

    Not that he is a liar, but for the only reason I can come up with, He gets a kick out of telling people things that sound ridiculous and then daring them to believe it.