Thursday, 21 May 2009


So, I had a most peculiar dream this morning. . . Thought I would share some of it with you, as it was quite interesting. The main part concerning some of you special people in grace blogland is this:

I appear to be in this large dormitory sort of place. A nice one - more like a retreat center. And my room is the at the end of the hall facing out to the other end. And I go to my room, which was quite spacious. And all of a sudden people (I don't know them) start entering my room with snacks and I find myself in the midst of a little gathering (maybe 25 people?). And people are sharing whatever God is putting on their heart. Well actually it appeared to be one person in particular sharing what Jesus has done with much authority and conviction. That was Matthew Campbell. Well on he went and then there was Joel Brueske in the background backing up Matthew and verbally agreeing with him.

And in the midst of that I find myself sharing how it is the people that are the hardest to love that need your love the most, and as I am saying that I am bawling and bawling cause I am seeing God's heart so clearly as I was saying it. It was just pure revelation, no pressure or obligation (if you know what I mean). And then Matthew continues speaking with great authority and Joel continues encouraging. And then the group dispersed slowly.

Neat hey. . .


  1. Wow!! This really touched my heart!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

    Preaching grace alongside my brother Joel!? Who could ask for something better??? I really wish...

  2. That is cool eh. Totally God. Got your surname wrong. Had to fix it. Who knows what the future holds eh. . .

  3. hehe. That's okay. I know it's my fault people can't figure out my name haha.

  4. I agree with Matthew... it's my fault that people can't figure out my last name... LOL wink wink ;)

    But wow, yeah, sharing alongside Matt-chew is awesome! I can picture this whole scene as reality and not just a dream. And you, Becky, sharing about those that are the hardest to love being the ones who need love the most... WOW... that's just so amazing that that came through in a dream! It's not just a dream about toothless flying space alligators and being chased through dark alleys by giant living lampshades (what - you don't dream about space alligators and living lampshades too???), but it's a dream with true depth and the reality of teaching and encouraging with real truths.

    Belly intellesting!

  5. I love God dreams. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Why, it was my pleasure! I like them too!