Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Vacating the premises

So, we just got back from a trip to the Kootenays. It's a beautiful mostly rainforested mountian region in the lower mid-eastern part of British Columbia. We felt we needed to go check out some land there. I have to say it was quite refreshing! It is a rather hippy / european - outdoorsy / yuppie sort of place. People tend to be a lot more laid-back - toddlers at work with their parents. Friendly, easy-going attitudes, very much searching and dabbling with the the spiritual realm. So, it's a unique and stunning place, where you don't have to brush your hair or teeth everyday. . .

Just thought I would inform you all as to my whereabouts lately:)

Now contending with a bit of a cold - must sleep. .


  1. I like that kind of places...

  2. yes, I think we'll arrange for that area to be airlifted over here...maybe off the coast of Norfolk...which can be a bit boring.

    Thanks!!enjoyed the pic

  3. Sounds like my kind of place :)

  4. Did you wear your Birkenstocks?? :P

    I've been pining for you, funny lady!
    Sending chicken soup wishes & hugs your way...

  5. I still have yet to get my birkenstocks, but there were plenty there to go around. . . And granola bars were our main staple out there on our trip.

    Shall we all meet in the Kootenays one day. . . We could view bears and elk in close proximity and admire God's creation together!

  6. I shall lace up my Vasque hikers just for YOU!! :D

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