Saturday, 13 October 2007

Is Jesus Enough?

Is Jesus Enough?

Is His Blood enough? Is what He did on the cross enough to cover us? Or do we need to throw in some good works as well? Who do we think we are?! The issue here is not so much lack of repentances as it is knowing what to repent from. What is our focus here? The blood of Jesus or ourselves? The fact is we need to know what Jesus has done. And it seems that in order to know what Jesus has done we need to know that we need what He has done. Now, it appears that it is the arrogance of man that stands in the way of receiving the FINISHED power of the cross. All these “sins” that we are being told to repent from are merely symptoms of a condition. If we focus on “repenting “ from these sins without having a revelation of our condition of self we will merely enter into the stage of self righteousness. And it seems the majority of conservative and charismatic churchgoers are moving under the burden of self-righteousness, not to mention many other burdens. Why is it that we keep trying to put people who have apparently repented and believed in Jesus back under the law? Did Christ die for us so that we could become “good” people: do the right things, say the right things etc. No. That is merely an external thing. He looks to the heart. He is looking for people who seek hard after Him, who long for fellowship with Him, who know they are nothing without Him.

Just as it was in the garden when He told Adam and Eve the results of their disobedience. Just as it was when he gave the law through Moses, stating the results that their disobedience would incur. Those results were merely cause and effect. The fact was Adam and Eve could no longer have access to the tree of life because their eyes had been opened and they were now partaking of the fruits of disobedience. Had they had access to the Tree of Life in that State, it would have kept them in that state forever. So, they had to be cast out of the garden. That was the result. It wasn’t as though God was yelling at them after they had eaten of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. No, He was merely stating the consequences of their actions.

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