Friday, 23 January 2009


So, yeah. . .

The day Obama is sworn in as the first 'black' president of the U.S. I got my first speeding ticket. Yep. The police man kindly pointed out that I could contest the ticket if I wanted to. I smiled at him and said, no need to do that, I am guilty. Nothing quite like condemnation free guilt. . . Of course, I do have to pay the ticket, but hey, God always provides, even for silly things such as going 26 km over the speed limit. Wanna hear my excuse (other than the fact that I like speed on roads i deem safe to speed on) Set my alarm clock wrong. Had to get the puppy to the vet for a spay. Late was I! So speed did I. Who knew that police had technology to catch one speeding in the opposite direction. . . hmmm

So, I got caught. Now, I will have to control my urge to speed out of fear of punishment. Bummer. No more rushing for me.

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