Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I homeschool my kids. Not because I am especially patient and organized. Just cause I feel like that is the right driection to go in. I am a little on the protective side when it come to young children. And since I am a bit of a non-conformist I have taken advantage of being able to teach my own children instead of having an insitutionally trained teacher teach my child.

However, I must confess to chaffing against the vast majority of homeschool curriculum as well. It seems that with all the good intentions there is so much institutionalism of a more legalistic mindset that pervades the homeschooling genre. In other words, I am more drawn to the unschooling frame, because it isn't so much a system as it is a way to learn in a more natural habitat. Alas, i suck at it - ha ha. I intinctively rebel against the box, but I also am just learning myself what it means to live in a wind blown / directed enviroment. So, as it happens for all those of us who have entered into the Way, it is something that is learned by response as apposed to learned systemically.

There is no clear cut direction to take at times. And in those moment of unknowing I naturally tend toward trying to understand which only serves to confuse me and cause me to live out of befuddlement.

And guys, it feels like a battle. In this aloneness, in the barreness of these prairies I sometimes feel so given over to stupid thoughts. And I will read other blogs with the same sluggishness of thought and the results tend to be that which keeps me thinking the same stupid thoughts.

Let me share a story. We had a 2002 hyundai hatchback. Runs decently, but can't use emergency brake in winter, cleaner fluid container is broken, thus mucky windows, and dents from stupids moves and cracked front window. Know that we need to get a timing bet replaced (supposed to have been done 100,000 km ago. . .). So, been tempting to buy a new car with extremely low financing with a couple extra seats for friends and visitors and 5 year warranty. So, last Saturday we go check a car out that we have been eyeing for price, gas mileage and seating. We get approved for financing. Uh oh I think. Then (as some of you may have read on facebook) we go for lunch for the first time inside of Tim Hortons (like Dunkin Donuts for you americans :) We prefer the drive through, but kids always beg to go inside. So we go inside and the olympic torch just happens to be in there (the one that goes across the country before the ceremony begins in Vancouver) And Dan just has to go and ask if he can hold it. So, he does and I take a cheesy picture. It seemed meaningful. . .

Just weird timing and all that. So Monday we go to the car dealership and buy a spanking brand new car. Freaky. So, now we have these monthly payments for 5 years. And a battle goes on in my mind. What if, what if, what if? What if the economy crashes and we can't afford it. What if majoy catastrophe happens? Should we be owing money. Is that right? Are we being stupid? Is this just North American luxury mindset?

Seriously guys, I am really getting tired of these thoughts (aka worries). And I hate these onslaughts of worry. It is so pointless and lifeless. I so need to see from His vantage point, His heart. And it is this aloneness here where we are not around anyone of like mind to remind us of the Truth. Joy and peace in Jesus. Honestly guys, I have not experienced such an onslaught of doubt since I have moved to this town in the middle of the boonies (in my opinion). This last year and a half have been just brutal in the worry dept. Heart palpatations (am I having heart problems - or is it caused by worry / doubt). Constant mild flus and colds. . .

Like man, I need some serious mind adjustments. The peace seems to be passing me by. Though there are little intervals of oasis, I truly have not experienced such intense lies of mundaness and worry til this last year. What's up with that? I know all the right terminology etc, but I am missing the constant sweetness of His presence. Pathetic.

Okay, so, on with the story. I sleep badly the night after we buy the car. Like, what did we just do? Did we sign our lives away?! aah. Why can't I flipping turn my eyes upon Jesus. Why does it seem so blooming hard?!! Then along comes Skibby the next day. He's a guy Dan ended up working with. Like the week we moved to this town we walked down the road past this somewhat decrepit looking house with freaky dogs chained up outside barking at us. Dan is instantly repulsed by the place. I am sad for the little kid I see living there. That's the house Dan ends up asking Jesus for a while later. Then amazingly a year later Dan ends up working with the eldest boy of the family. Yep. Skibby. Parents alcoholics. Not able to be there for him. Skibby gets into trouble, the wrong crowd as he puts it. Very aware fellow. Nice looking fellow gets into the typical trouble crowd. Quits school. smokes pot. fast cars. drinking. oil rigs. And ends up working with Dan. . . Takes to Dan. They start playing hockey together. They meet just after Skibby gets into an accident (from too much speed). Things are starting to go downhill for Skibby. They all end up not getting paid from the reno they do on this persons place. He goes back to oil rig, falls off after a few days and breaks ribs. On New Years Eve I get a call on my cellphone (while I was on the way down the bigger town to do some birthday party shopping). His car that his girlfriend drove to pic him up from the airport 2 hours away broke down. They needed a lift from a town an hour away from ours. I happened to be half way there. I go and pick them up.

He doesn't ask for much, so instead of it being a burden it was more of an honor that they thought of us to help em out. I drive em back to Canora. Then we don't hear from him for a week or so. Then he appears yesterday. Drives by while Dan is fiddling outside with the new car. They start talking. He comes inside and tells us that he is moving to Regina (the city) and needs to trade in his old truck and buy a car. His girlfriend just kicked him out. He had sold his fast red car and ended up not being ripped off. Buys a cheaper blue car and that was the one that broke down. He managed to be driving a stolen snowmobile of a 'friend' who got busted the day he was trying out this snowmobile. Gets arrested by the special ops, then released cause he actually didn;t have anything to do with the drugs and stolen stuff. He does most likely buy the pot from the guy. I know he smokes it regularly.

So, he is feeling bruised and battered inside and out and is planning on moving to the city in the next week.

Well Dan and I look at each other, as we had been wondering whether we should sell out old car or keep it in case we need it or give it to someone should we hear of a need for a car. So, Dan tells Skibby, 'You will have a hard time with this, but we want to give you our old car.' Skibby just sat there stunned. He couldn't take it in. He started to get weepy (not typical for this young buck) and said,'I can't believe it. I feel like I just just won the lottery.' Dan smiles ironically and says well it's not the lottery (older car), but we know that God wants you to have it. So, Dan cleans it out and we sign it over to him. Very powerful moments there! Made me feel better about buying a new car. Purpose in it right. . . Well, Skibby calls his parents to let em know and they just don't believe it. 'No one gives away a car for nothing' is what they tell him. And he tells his sister (in Regina) and his friends. The words spreads quickly in this small town and no one can believe it! Ha ha ha. You gotta love it. We thought that yes, it would affect Skibby, but we didn't realize how many people around us would be affected by it. Skibby the 'town no good kid' (for that is how he is known here) got given a decent not super old car.

Then I read Jamies post and I weep, for the people who give out of their lack. We didn't give out of our lack, but as the timing was set up by God to give Skibby the car, it was that same teary eyed beauty of the love of God. That was what Skibby was hit by, though he doesn't understand that yet. So many in this town will say that he doesn't deserve that car. He is trouble that boy. Oh no no no. The is the very grace of God eh! No matter what happens with that car. The impression made is made.


  1. Beautiful - thanks for sharing your heart Becs! Jesus loved Skippy real good through you guys! How precious!!

  2. aha ha ha Lydia. Skippy. You made me giggle. It actually is Skibby (nicname from his last name Skibinski) So, when you said Skippy it got my funny bone. I am not making fun of you, really.

    It is cool hey! But oh the 'feelings'. Argh. I am certainly grateful to be reminded that it is just me tuning in on certain things. . . Phew! Got me out of the slough of despond. . .