Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year

I have to confess that New Years celebrations rarely tend to live up to my expectation of what I think that it should be like. Problem is people are involved. Ha! So, if I were to base 'a fresh new year' on it's entrance I would be in for a miserable year. Thankfully we are not bound to one night of mediocrity determining the following days!

So, anyway, guys, just to forewarn you next time I write a whiney post - its likely cause is that there is a whirlwind of 'spiritual activity' of which I am caught up in the eye of the storm - till suddenly it shifts and I find myself spiraling about in a wee bit of chaos. Mmm mmm mmm. So it makes me happy that He makes all things new!!!

There have been some very cool happenings (sharing revelation times of Jesus) and some very uncool backlash (anger, condemnation and selfrighteous manifestations). What an adventure! Anyway, moving on. . . moving on. . . When I am less tired I must share some cool parallels I have come across that I think you all would enjoy!

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