Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Passivity vs Passion

What a lazy blogger i am. . . Personally I think my laziness is why God is so fond of me. . . ha ha. That way it is quite clear that it is Him, when something wonderful happens and i am left without a doubt. . .

Did that make sense? Of course i don't really believe that, but I could not resist saying such an inane thing!

I am a lazy blogger, because i go to all these wonderful blogs and hear all the wonderful things people are thinking and hearing and then I go to bed. I rarely comment, I hide in the shadows, luking here and there. But tonight, i have decided to pop out for a moment and say 'Hi'. Hi!

Actually, I kind of coast from blog to blog enjoying my ride. And because the ride is so pleasant and encouaraging I generally lack the inclination to write. Because there are so many people of sound mind, that I just keep going on. . . It's when i get to a blog where there is such insanity that I feel compelled to throw in some lovely freedom truth. It is there that i see such a barreness of freedom and all of a sudden I feel a "charge" in my spirit and off i go. . .


Jesus is my passion

And I had this thought the other day

Nothing overly profound - it's been said before - however, yet again I was seeing how "there is No passivity in the Love of God".

His Love is awesome and wonderful and graceful and fearful. Because Love is all those things. You don't mess with Love's Child, for Love is not passive. That is why all that mamby pamby new age feel good yoga stuff is not the answer. Because my father LOVES me and Love is dangerous and wonderful and unpredictable and perfect! Who knows what'll happen next! Not safe, but safe. Wonderful dichotomy!

Good night


  1. Uh oh, you reared your head and we spotted you...great thoughts! :)

    Would it be too presumptuous to add you to our blog roll?

    You were one of the first to "find" Matthew and love on him; we love you for that.

  2. Please don't "should" on yourself when it comes to blogging or commenting... LOL. I also do a lot of blog reading, and not a lot of commenting. So often I find myself simply enjoying what I'm reading and I don't want to "spoil" my moment with my own thoughts and nor do I want to spoil the blog with my unnecessary comments... hehehe!

    That said, I do personally love the relationships that have come from blogging and commenting. But really it should be an enjoyable thing whether or not a person blogs a lot or comments a lot. :)

  3. Man oh man, I really don't check this blog enough! I had no clue there were comments left for me. Sorry guys, just want to validate you right now, ha ha ha. How cheesy I can be. Anyway, RJW, by all means, however, it mightn't be too exciting. On the other hand, I might be inclined to spill my guts via blogger a little more often, which could be a good thing. . .

    And boy, we couldn't not respond to Matthews feelings and experiences, he so was asking for some reality of the the power of the love and grace of God through Jesus and it was such an honour to be able to encourage someone so soft hearted and open! It was my husband who actually wrote to him that first time, but it is me who writes these blogs (unless they are something from what He's written in the past).

    Joel, but sometimes shoulding is so much fun. . . And I love meeting up with people of like mind. It is so very refreshing and encouraging eh!!! Stirred up in the FAITH

  4. And in the ride from blog to blog I have found yours. :) I haven't written or commented on much lately myself, just doing alot of reading and pondering and breathing in of the sweet aroma of grace.

    Nice to find you.