Sunday, 1 February 2009

Clarification and tears

So, yeah, when i wrote that aforementioned poem (post before this one) I was having some severe difficulty with intense frustrations with someone in particular. i will be kind enough not to name my husband. . . yeah yeah yeah. . . It's amazing what God does in times like those. Just in case you were concerned and didn't understand the poem. The first line was relaying lies I was hearing about my heart. The rest was countering the lies and coming to rest. Just really a condensed version of my thought process during an onslaught.

So yeah, I came across this letter under the most recent blog from Heidi and Rolland Baker with Iris Mins. It got me. . . Just had to share with you.

"Madagascar (Submitted by Caroline Thomas)
At the end of last year, I really felt God leading me to Iris Ministries to do the mission school this past summer. I learned so much and really enjoyed spending time with the children. During the last two weeks of school, God began speaking to me about my future. Heidi challenged us one day in class, that if we were prepared to lay our lives down for Jesus, if we felt like we had to answer His call to missions, to come to the front and ask God to show us His plans. I went up and as I began to pray I had a vision of a room of abandoned babies, lying in rags in the darkness, still, cold and silent. I began to cry and ask God to give me these babies. One by one the babies started to die, first one, then another, until they had all died. He then showed me one more vision of a baby being left in a dumpster and abandoned at night in the dark. I cried and cried and begged God to let me have them, that wherever they were, please, could I go to them and please, could they live and know that they were loved.

When I opened my eyes with my face soaked with tears, sitting in front of me was one of the precious little Iris girls, only nine years old. She grabbed me and just held me. I heard God whisper then that she was sent right then as a prophetic sign. I would get to hold the children, that they would live and know love, and that just like I was holding her, I would hold them.

The next day in worship, God took me back into the room of dead babies. I didn't want to see it again. But He said to me "Caroline, look up!" I looked and above the room was a shimmering translucent heat haze. Jesus said, "the Holy Spirit is here, He's hovering above the room. Just sing over the babies".

I started singing over them. As I did, the Holy Spirit swirled throughout the room and totally transformed it! First, windows opened up in the dark room and sunlight flooded in. The room vibrated with bright color, the dirty rags disappeared from the children and they were dressed in beautiful clothes like princes and princesses. At the same time, they came back to life. The babies started moving and smiling. They became chubby and started waving their little arms in the air and laughing. It was a total transformation. I again had tears running down my face as I said "But Jesus, I didn't even touch them, I didn't do anything!" He said, "exactly, it's not just about holding them and feeding them. I want you to know that as you pray over them and sing over them, that it's me who is going to transform these babies back to life".

Heidi was teaching that day. At the end of class she said that she felt like the day before people had seen pictures of their future, of God's calling for them, but that they didn't know where, and if that was you, and you wanted a country and a city, to come up and pray and ask God where this place is. I was up at the front like a shot! I asked God where these babies were, and He said, "Madagascar!" I could hardly believe it since Madagascar is the country that I love, having previously spent six months there as a midwife! I felt like God was saying to start an Iris base there, as this was the DNA of Iris, to save abandoned babies and let God restore them back to life. I spoke with Heidi about it and she said that she'd been praying for someone to go to Madagascar for years! So after speaking with her and some of the long-term staff at Iris, we decided to start Iris Madagascar with a baby house in Madagascar!!

I had already booked a ticket to Madagascar on the way home from Mozambique to visit my friends there. So, I used this time to ask them all that I could about abandoned babies. They all told me that babies were abandoned in the capital, and that they had heard of babies being abandoned in dumpsters and being left to die. Many of the orphanages are currently full, which leaves no where for these babies to go, so there was a big need for a baby house there!

I am in the process of setting up this baby house, God's baby house where He can restore His precious babies back to life and they can know that they are loved. I am working on the paperwork to get Iris registered, praying in money and getting a team together. I would really appreciate prayers for these three things, especially on getting the right team, the team that God has chosen for this very special and exciting work!"


  1. Wow! I wrote that!! Glad it got you!! am very flattered that it did!! Caroline X

  2. I hope you get this response, but how on earth did you get to this blog?!! That is nuts. I had my last child (as far as God has let us know) just under 2 years ago and was looking at some couples with newborn babies the other day and I just so badly wanted to hold one and cuddle it. Maybe one days I will have the privelege of being able to hold an orphaned child. . . Oh, man, just love to taste Jesus' heart for the broken and the needy!