Sunday, 1 February 2009

Snakes and Ladders

In case you picked up on some non-graceness in the quote from my last blog, let me explain that it was the love of Jesus that got me and broke my heart, not all the other stuff which can sometimes throw you for a loop.

Anyway, was reading He Loves Me, by Wayne Jacobson the other night, when something aka Holy Spirit really stuck me on a little passage on obedience. Wayne was saying that if God merely wanted obedience from us, then he would have been a lot more careful to relay to Adam and Even exactly what the repercussions of eating from the tree of Knowledge would have been. But He didn't. He only told them that they would die, and of course crafty serpent twisted His words to trick Eve. Wayne went on to say that if God had explained it all to them, then Adam and Eves motivation for not eating from that particular tree would have been totally self centred, rather than pure and simple trust in God.

So, I thought. Is not obedience one of the biggest idols in most Christian circles (in a whole variety of ways) today?! Really! It is huge! It is one HUGE reason why I couldn't bring myself to send my kids to a 'christian' school. I just didn't want to deal with my child being inundated with nonsense like 'God wants you to be good.' And all sorts of other stuff related to action oriented appeasing of God in order make Him happy (aka give Him Glory). It is all about 'How to be good' How to be a good wife. How to be a good Christian. How to be a good follower. How to be submissive.

Oh man oh man, I could just cry. WHAT IS THE FOCUS HERE boys and girls?! It is so often primarily focused on what 'I' can do for God. And the 'I' comes before God. Oh I should. . . Oh I can't. . . Oh I must. . . Oh how sadly deceived many people are. Thank God that there is a WAY out of all that muck and nonsense. Whenever i start I-ing I can tell there is something seriously wrong with my thinking. Look up to Him the lifter of our Heads. Them snakes swirling about our feet need no focus. As He told the people through Moses to look to the serpent on the stick lifted high, so He tells us today. Lift up your eyes to the One Who saves rather than the ones who destroy. You can't get yourself out of the cesspool of snakes. You can do nothing, but lift your head to see your Saviour. It is that simple and it is that difficult. Who do we trust? In what do we put our faith? I just want to know the one who saves me from all the striving so much more. I want to be undone by His love day after day, so that my sight is set on Him alone whilst traversing this "dangerous" terrain (dangerous only if you give it focus). . .

So obedience. . . Ah yes, a natural response from one who knows their Saviour. Nothing contrived when you are compelled by Love.


  1. YES!!!

    Oh, well said!!

    Loved "seeing" you over at Julie's!! :)

  2. So, we got given some tickets from some well meaning Christian friends last week. God has been doing some awesome things in their hearts. Anyway the tickets were for "Fireproofing your marriage". I laughed and asked if they were serious and soon discovered they actually were. They really bought us tickets cause they thought we would enjoy the night out as there was child care.

    D and I have been cracking fireproofing your marriage jokes to each other since we received those tickets. We know that our friends are genuine and we don't want to cause uneccessary offense, so we may well end up going tonight if only to have more authority to tell them why the emphasis is rather scewed. More on how to be a good husband and wife and how not to get divorced rather than stemming from knowing Jesu and all He has done For us. . .you know. . .

    Ai ai ai. . . This will take some uh you know

  3. LOL...

    Had the SAME discussion with someone here at the farm.

    But SURELY WE MUST DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, JUST BE BUSY, to EARN God's love and approval, right? And we can apply THAT to every relationship we have instead of GRACE! HUH! ;)