Monday, 24 August 2009

God is so neat

So, we deliberated over spending money and popping down to the nearest city (2 hours away) for a night at a fun hotel and a visit to the science centre and golf course etc. Casting our frugal inclinations to the wind we decided it would be a great weekend to go and off we went. I had made reservations for a restaurant at the golf course for Sat night and after our visit to the Science centre that afternoon we headed off to the restaurant with google maps in my head. . . Lo and behold we could not find the place for the life of us. I had the intructions vaguely in my head and I could not find my bunch of maps I'd printed off. So, finally we give up and try some restaurants on the periphial of the city. All of the ones we stopped at had long wait times. An hour later starving and considering resorting to fast food we decided to go to the downtown core where our hotel was and where there were a bunch of neat restaurants that we assumed would be just as busy. But no, they weren't. In fact the restaurant we were in had only one other couple in the room with us.

Dan and I decided to share a greek platter, but had to agree whether we would have rice, potatoes, or pasta. I declared to the waiter that we would have the pasta as i don't care for rice or potatoes much. Dan rolled his eyes and made some snide comment about me making the "mutual" decision. The waiter laughed and made a comment about his wife doing the same thing. I just shook my head in mock dismay, for I really am not that controlling of a person (just sometimes :))

Anyway, it was a quiet meal. Didn't really talk to the waiter too much, but Dan suggested that we leave him a large tip to take his wife out. There was no 'logical' reason for that. Just something he had the urge to do. I thought that was a great idea. After supper I took the kids ahead and walked back to the hotel while Dan payed the bill and drove the car back to the hotel. When Dan finally arrived he told me that he gave the waiter a large tip and asked him if he had any kids. The waiter told him that he had one and it was the reason he and his wife were still together. He went on and told them that he and his wife were in couselling trying to work on their marriage. . . Dan then told him that the reason why he gave him a large tip was so that he could take his wife out. The guy looked at Dan strangely and told him that tonight was the first time they have had a chance to to go out alone in a long long time and that he was taking her out that very night. Dan's response was a laugh and then,'It looks like God's got you covered then.' And then he went on his way. . .

God is so complicatedly amazing!!! In other words, hard to comprehend His ways. The timing, the placement, the strategy of His love!


  1. That sneaky God, as if He can see the future! LOL

    Isn't is TOTALLY AWESOME being able to trust the Spirit's prompting? I LOVE GODINCIDENCES!!

    Love you, too. :)