Sunday, 2 August 2009

To Love and Feed People

I get such a kick out of the name of this cookbook. . . You can see the point is: If you love someone why would you feed them garbage? Well, at least that is what I get from it. There is much food out there, being prepared by massive corporations, that is being consumed by the vast majority of North America, much to their physical demise. Much to their demise because the foods are filled with toxins and shortcuts and sucked dry of almost any natural nutrient. It looks good, but appearances can be quite deceptive. . . Much of what a person eats nowadays is artificial or tainted. And you can see the results walking around us and in the hospitals around us everyday. Gee, I sound like a health freak. But I say this because I see the parallels in the spirit. The core reason why we are receiving and eating this substandard food is greed. Not necessarily personal greed, but greed of a large entity that is unable to function out of love and therefore produces fruit worthy of it's tree. It is so large and the benefits of producing cheap filler is so much more enticing than the thought of benefitting the one to whom it goes.

We have a friend who loves to quote the phrase,'What happens is the natural happens in the spirit.'

How true it is. How many people are fed toxic belief, which they tend to assume is adaquate nourishment? But if they were to see the actual effect it has on a body they would be much more likely to turn to truly nutritious food. Garbage in garbage out. . . It is the ones who have seen the negative consequences of consuming toxic food who "radically" call the devil's bluff for the sake of letting the consumers know that there is a greater way. Feed on Jesus. Drink of Him. Stop imbibing these in TOXIC ating poisons. . .

It is the reason for these blogs. HE is the reason for these blogs. To be a voice in the wilderness. To call out to those who have been travelling the road of false beginnings and feeding off the lies of the destroyer. To speak truth where there has been lies. To speak life where there has been death. To speak freedom where there has been condemnation. To speak joy where there has been sorrow. This is our call, our natural inclination which stems from tasting and seeing the Lord is good. We are no longer compelled by obligation. We are compelled by love. And therefore, we walk as our firstborn brother walks, with the simple desire to love and feed as we ourselves have been. We can't not. He is in us.


  1. So so true!!!

    (ps - I like your new profile pic! )

  2. Oh WOW, OH WOW, OH WOW!!

    I'm STUFFED FULL of the TRUTH you shared in this post!! How TRUE! Unfortunately, the mass produced Gospel of uniformity has replaced the authentic Gospel of REVOLUTION and RELATIONSHIP! We are a a generation of instant gratification and we have been brain-washed into settling for cheap, commercialized Jesus-in-a-box instead of the untamed, wild Lion of Judah.

    Becca, you soooooo gets it, my dear. You blessed my heart with this.

    Keep sharing. Keep preaching.


  3. Hee hee. . . I am glad you guys enjoyed this. It is one of those parallels that you could go on and on and on about. Such a picture hey! I kept looking at the title of this cookbook and wondering to myself why it was so interesting to me. So last night I finally realized why it made so much sense and just had to share.

    Ah, the packaging of Jesus-in-a-box. So very attractive to our eyes. But wrong fruit, wrong tree. . .

  4. BTW, that is a HOT, HOT, HOT picture of you...:)

  5. Golly, who knew. . . :) I feel so embarrassed. That picture was taken by River age 2. I was fairly impressed with it. I was especially impressed with the white teeth (they really aren't that white).