Saturday, 8 August 2009

I am free to love without condition

So guys, I am really excited right now. Just had to get up out of bed, cause my mind was spinning with delight. You should have seen it. . . Anyway, I've been reading Steve McVey's 'The Divine Invitation' and finally got to the last chapter tonight. I have to say the last 2 chapters of the extended version are the ones that hit me most profoundly. He saved the best for last (in my humble opinion - hardy har har). So, I get to the last chapter and all he is speaking about is loving unconditionally. And I start to see that 'Yes! This is what I want to do!' For some reason I have been under some illusion that I had to practice restraint and discernment with whom I would actually love. Now, I am naturally a reserved person, so I am not saying I am going to go up hugging every person I see and pouring out lavish words of affirmation. But something is different. I wish I could explain what i am feeling better. Let me just say that I feel that I have been hindered, in some way bound from being permitted to love the unlovely. There are various reasons I am sure, but part of it must have felt like a work and part of it felt that it was unwise. What utter nonsense. Just cause a person is going down stupid road doesn't mean that I shouldn't lavish love upon them. And any person i am free to love. Can you believe it?! Can you believe that I haven't felt free to love unconditionally?! I don't really understand it myself. All I know now is that this is my hearts longing. I desire to pour out His love (the way He loves me) upon any and everyone! This is my desire. I want Him to just pour through me. That is it. What an utter privelege. By all means, feel free to ask Him to keep me in the light of this love of His. This is good stuff. I don't feel obligated anymore. I don't know why I felt obligated before, but suffice it to say that I sure like this freedom I am experiencing!

There you go.


  1. BECCA!!! This is SUPER! For TWO reasons: Because you have had a revelation and because I NEVER FINISHED that book!! LOL

    Thanks for sharing your joy with us! What a TREMENDOUS blessing you are to me! Really, truly!

    Uh, oh...lightening storm. Better scoot!


  2. I am so glad!!! That makes me happy.

    Enjoy your last 2 chapters. . . :)

    Love B

  3. Oh I so know the excitement you exude in this post. I think your heart resonated with the truth you read. When we hear the truth it sets us free indeed!! I think you are excited because you have the very life of Christ alive in you and He wants to love through you and you now see it from a grace perspective rather than a law perspective. So cool! Bubble on over, ooze out that sloppy agape my friend!!

    Now, I must get that book!!!

  4. Ok, thanks to you I purchased this book and just started digging in!!!

  5. hee hee, I hope you enjoy it! Esp the end!

  6. I can very much relate to the weird holding back thing. I don't get it either. And then while I'm considering doing the unthinkable (loving the 'hard to love' unconditionally) the enemy comes along and makes it personal...and oh how the walls get higher. Yuck!!! I cheer you on Becca, it is a beautiful thing to behold love and I too long for the freedom to love. Is that a new book by Steve McVey?